Toddlers and crafts don’t go together

As I have already stated once, I am a stay at home mom trying to start up/rum, I mean run, a crafting business. It is next to impossible to do any kind of crafting with a toddler using you for a jungle gym, (hence the title) so I can at least use her as the excuse for why I might be procrastinating a little bit too……..  Trying to knit or crochet can work if she’s distracted by Sesame Street or Kung Fu Panda, but the second that she sees me doing it, direct bee line for the entire project! Then she tries to pull the needles out, which is usually able to be fixed, unless it is f*****g lace. If it’s lace, you may as well just rip the whole d**n thing apart and try to start over. And then there’s the time it takes to set the damn thing up online. I’m not the most savvy of website creating people, so for me, it takes quite a while to figure out what the hell I am doing and how to calculate all the d**n s**t to get my stuff on the d**n site! It’s frustrating as h**l and as I said, takes me a while of undisturbed time and patience to do this, which toddlers do not allow. So basically the only time that I get to do this stuff is when she is asleep or contained by her playpen (thank god for those things!). That doesn’t really leave a whole lot of time considering that I also have to do all these other mommy/wife related things that take up a good amount of time when you have a broken f*****g ankle and can’t f*****g walk! Whew, what a run on sentence!  But at least I can try to console myself that she will soon be old enough  for me to start teaching her these crafty things. If she is working on her own little projects, then perhaps she will leave me and my projects the f**k alone!! In the meantime, I will just work on getting her ABC’s learned (in sign language too!) and teaching her about the potty. Hopefully I can walk before the summer is totally over so I get outside and play with the little minion! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, your week is half over!!


What can be done when a toddler is NOT derailing your project! And now you see what I mean about lace being f****d if it gets messed with!

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